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Winston has recently collaborated with the BBC, Glastonbury Festival, UCLan, The Brontë Parsonage Calderdale libraries, Burnley Youth theatre and Manchester and Leeds Museums. He teaches creative writing to adult groups in person and via distance learnign online for Universities and schools and has been Poet in Residence at Beech Hill Primary School, Halifax since 2016. Winston was Poet in Residence for the Rochdale Canal Festival in 2012 and The Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2012-14/17. His work have appeared in over 150 online and print journals worldwide. In 2010 he was jointly self-published in Misery Begins at Home and in a Micro Chapbook, Extras in 2014 from Origami Poetry Press. His solo collection of surrealist found poetry Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish was published in 2017 by Electric Press and Tales from the Tachograph jointly with Gaia Holmes in 2018 by Calder Valley Poetry. His next collection, First of All I Wrote Your Name - Ghazals in English will be published by Stairwell Books later in 2020. Winston is also the proud inventor of the worlds first (and possibly last) Random Poetry Generating Bicycle, The Spoke-n-Word and The Poem-O-Matic: an interactive art installation and poem generator that produces text from pure electricity (with a little help).

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