Selected Recent Citations


Winston Plowes

Poet & Word Artist

"Your Spoke~n~Word performances were perfect for starting our day and certainly helped bring in the crowds".

- Benita Johnson, Stage Manager, Poetry & Words, Glastonbury Festival


"My pupils have just produced their best ever poetry in any style".

- Natalia Buckley, yr6 teacher, Beech Hill School, Halifax


"Thanks again for coming in to work with the yr 7 and 8 students, it was a really valuable experience for them".

- Emma Beaumont, Holmfirth High School


"Thanks for today's event. This is truly the most inspiring thing we have ever had in the library".

- David Nixon, Librarian, Dixons Kings Academy, Bradford


"Thank you. You're contribution was perfect. I especially loved your discarded memories piece".

- Hannah Merriman, Pushing up Daisies Festival, Todmorden


"I had a really fun time with Winston, the two hours felt like nothing. Please can you come back every Monday? Can you also get a job here as an English teacher at our school please".

- Students, Lightcliffe Academy yrs 7-8


"You're a true powerhouse of ideas, innovation and inspiration".

- Char March, Poet

"Thank you for a wonderfully spellbinding day of interactions, inspirations and reflections. Marvellous!!!"

- Hayley Youell, Hear My Voice, Barnsley


"Revolutionary" [Spoke~n~Word Bicycle]

- John Hegley, Poet


"A fantastic contraption" [The Spoke~n~Word Random Poetry Generating Bicycle]

- Ian McMillan, Glastonbury Festival


"Purely brilliant! Your poetry excites, inspires and offers so many ideas!"

- Jezz Gregg, Creative Director, International Schools Theatre Association.


"The atmosphere you created in our auditorium was electrifying!"

- Michaela O’Sullivan, Education and Outreach Manager

Square Chapel Centre for the Arts. Halifax