NPD 2012 Texperiments

Texperiments was a nationwide experiment commissioned by National Poetry Day to generate strange and hopefully wonderfull poetry via the medium of radio waves. After being sent a string of words, each participating poet replied with words of their own via SMS text Message to continue the poem. But only the previous line was ever seen. Rather like the game consequences I curated the texted words to form poems occassionally adding punctuation to aid the flow. The project  ran througout October 2012 and the results were fascinating.The theme for NPD 2012 was 'stars' so the starting point of each texperiment refered to this in some way in the originating text. There were 5 formats of experiment 1) Dispersal 2) progression 3) Divergence 4) Contraction and 5) Conclusion.

A massive thank you to everyone who made the project so successful.                                                                      

-  Winston

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