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Word / Lab

A word/art activity that can provide a day's rolling entertainment. Word Lab is a creative writing side show, a fun factory comprising bespoke interchangeable elements such as


- Palm Poems

Palmistry inspired writing that might will tell us something about ourselves.


- Making Friends

If you were a buscuit, what species would you be? Improvised short stories of new and surprising friendships.


- Boggle Poems

Help produce a large image poem about your town or event using boggle letter cubes and ink stamps.


- Kandinski's Light Show

Watch your words dance on a lightbox as the worlds of colour and imagination walk hand in hand.

plate stamps crossword poem 3a potato and biscuit boggle

"A huge thank for your involvement in our event, it was a really lovely day and working with you has been an absolute pleasure"

- Vicky Holiday (Batley Festival, 2019)