"Winston has made all the lessons fun and enjoyable. I used to hate poetry and now I love it. I am looking forward to performing in the show".(Lucy, year 6. St Chad's CofE (VA) Primary School, Brighouse )    


"Over the weeks I have really enjoyed it. You are very funny Winston. Using the microphone was fun, in the 3D TV. Can't wait for our performance". (Innes, Year Five. All Saints' Junior and Infants School. Halifax.)


"I have enjoyed this experience because it was different from normal poetry and I usually don't like poetry, so I thank you for this experience. Plus you are very funny". (Woody, Year Five. All Saints'.)


"Working with Winston was an amazing event. I think he is awesome! If you look at our work you will see how fantastic he is and how fantastic our writing now is!" (Niamh, Year Five. All Saints'.)


"It was an incredible experience for me and it has inspired me and it’s made me write Kennings all the time at home. When I am older I want to be a poet. Writing poems is my hobby, thanks to Winston (the best poet ever!)" (Grace, Year Five. All Saints'.)


"It was really fun, the best part was the bike poems. Winston is a really good poet he is so funny. I love everything we have done. It was so EPIC! (Izzy, yr6. St Chad's CofE (VA) Primary School. Brighouse.)


"I have loved it!! At first I didn’t like poetry and now I do. I loved the Olympic poems, I thought they were fun. I like Winston, I couldn’t have had a better poetry teacher in my life". (Abigail, yr6. St Chad's)

Some Recent Quotes from Pupils